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Good day, are you facing the same problems all pet owners struggle with?

Does your dog bed absorb their toys, dirt and smells? Potent with wet dog and chewed bones creating a wicked combination for an unpleasant dog bed experience. 

Well we have the solution for all your pet problems. A bed that is styled with both comfortability and functionality, the bed that keeps your home spiced up with a luxurious kick yet no fear of guests pointing out your dog smelling living room. 


The Pupsak dog bed strives to create a healthy relationship with our environment, The beds are up-cycled from high quality off-cut fabrics filled with an inner memory foam derived from local companies discharged foam. Pupsak is truly up-cycled to being a luxury by-product with level rates of reducing landfill by 2000L each month. 



The common issue with dog beds is that they are made with a canvas hardcover stuffed with polystyrene balls that unfortunately are poisonous to dogs if consumed. The issue that most pet owners face is how to remove the smell of wet dog, smelly dog bones or at worst dog urine. The Pupsak offers you a 1 step solution. Our beds offer machine washable covers, unzip and throw your smelly cover in the wash and with one slow spin and mid-warm water your bed will look, feel and smell brand new. 



Have your dogs ever taken more than just a comfort liking to their bed after being left at home for too long, have you come home to a ripped label or chewed off zip? Fear No harm, we offer free repairs to all labels, zips or ripped stitching on your Pupsak. We do ask that our clients return the cover or bed back to Cape Town washed with no dog essence in order to receive a free repair. 


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