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PupSak is a Cape Town based company that creates stylish and sustainable dog beds available to all regions across South Africa. Our main priority is to make you and your pet happy with dog beds that ooze style, convenience, and comfort.


 We are environmentally friendly 

Did you ever think you’d find a dog bed that cares just as much about your pets comfort as it does about our environment?


  • Our covers are ethically produced and 100% vegan.
  • Our dog beds are up-cycled from high quality off-cut fabrics filled with an inner memory foam derived from local companies' discarded foam.
  • We are reducing landfills by 200L each month.


Our covers are machine washable!


Have you previously had a dog bed that reeks of old bones and wet dog and can’t get rid of the smell? Well, PupSak has solved this issue.


  • All our covers are machine washable
  • Unzip and throw your smelly cover in the wash and with one gentle spin your bed will smell, look and feel brand new. 


We offer free repairs!


Has your dog ever gotten a bit over excited about their new bed and decided its cover could do without a functioning zip?

  • We offer free repairs to all labels, zips or ripped stitching on your Pupsak.
  • We ask that our clients please return the cover washed and clean to receive a free repair.


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us, if there is anything you might still be unsure of check out our FAQ

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