Charity Dog Bed

R 699.00

We are excited to share our charity dog bed initiative! Each time you buy one of these special beds, it's not just a purchase—it's a donation. That's right, the bed itself goes to the English and French Bulldog Rescue to help a rescue dog have a comfortable place to rest on their journey to a forever home. These beds are non-refundable as they get sent to the French Bulldog Association.

The French Bulldog Association is amazing, taking in these lovely dogs and giving them care, but they often need more supplies. Our Pupsak beds become a little piece of consistency and comfort for these dogs as they move from foster to foster. With their Pupsak, they carry a familiar scent and a sense of security, easing their transition until they're finally adopted.


Small PupSak

Approximately 65cm Diameter
2kg of Upcycled, shredded Foam Flakes
Seats 1 Small Dog Comfortably

Large PupSak

Approximately 100cm in Diameter
4 kg of Upcycled, shredded, Foam Flakes
Seats 1 Large Dog Comfortably

X-large Pupsak 

Approximately 120cm in Diameter
10–12 kg of Upcycled, shredded, Foam Flakes
Seats 1 X-Large Dog Comfortably



Looking for an Extra Cover?

Upgrade your dog's bed with the ultimate versatility and style. Pupsak offers a wide selection of interchangeable covers, allowing you to easily switch up the look of your dog's bed to match your preferences.

Discover covers

Steps with washable covers

Experience a world of possibilities with Pupsak's dog steps. Whether it's reaching a cozy spot on the couch or joining you on the bed for a cuddle, our dog steps ensure your furry companion can always be by your side.

Discover Dog Steps

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